To submit, email submissions to favoriteskies (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include your name, photo or other image (painting, sketch, etc.) if you have one, where your sky is, and (very important) why it’s one of your favorite skies!

Why Favorite Skies?

I was talking with another long-term expat the other day and we found ourselves describing the skies we missed when we thought about where we grew up. In my case, that’s northern California.

The color of the sky when the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean is one of my favorite sights in the world – the magenta and indigo, the pale corn yellow where the horizon meets the ocean, the soft creep of stars down to the water line.

But there are so many other wonderful skies, and I’ve found that we all have our preferences, for various reasons.

Please, share your favorite sky or skies here, and join me in an appreciation of the world above, seen from below. Of course, skies seen from the height of an airplane are welcome, too.

Thanks for visiting!


Note: By submitting your skies, you agree that I can post the images and words, credited with your name, on this site and that they might be re-posted across other social media by myself and others. Thank you!

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