An Appreciation of Skies

From: PK Read

As a card-carrying member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, it was only a matter of time before I brought my habitual head-in-the-clouds approach to the virtual world.

Here, I invite you to join me in posting images of those skies that make your heart sing (or cry), that make you happy, joyous, homesick, lovesick, inspired, nostalgic, or serene.

Send your favorite skies – along with Where, When, and Why.

Here’s mine from New Year’s Day 2016.

Glacier de Bossons, France. Photo: PKR

This was taken at the top of a short hike up the Glacier de Bossons near Chamonix, France. This clear blue sky shown above a blue and white glacier, one that is retreating but still majestic.

It was a warm day, unseasonably warm for January 1st, and we climbed up dry slopes that hadn’t seen any rain or snow in weeks, our heavy boots silent on the blankets of pine needles that covered the paths, the air rich with the scent of ferns, pine and the sound of glacial water running over rocks.

It was warm enough that we took off our gloves, scarves and loosened our jackets – all the way until we reached to highest viewing platform. There, the glacier’s mighty cold could be felt icing the air even from a distance.

It was a perfect beginning to the New Year, a hike with my beloved, a splendid view, an unexpectedly cloudless sky.


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