Spring Equinox

Photo: P.K. Read

This little video falls into the category of ‘better late than never’ when it comes to publication. I took it while out on a morning run on the Spring Equinox this year.

Some of my favorite skies are those filled with birdsong. On this day, one trilling tune in particular stood out. It was coming from a tree that stands solitary on the path, surrounded by fields.

As I approached, I tried to find the bird that was making such a racket. In my experience, when someone starts stalking around the base of a tree, the bird singing is silenced and stops to assess any potential threat.

This little bird paused only for a second, and then continued. I finally found the fellow, hopping between branches, singing to the equinox skies, broadcasting the advent of spring and, I presume, his availability. He’s visible in the center of the image towards the top (not far from my finger in the upper corner, oops).

I could hear him for the length of my run from his well-chosen platform, his song joining all the others to welcome the new season.

Share your favorite skies! Send words, photos, pictures to favoriteskies (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include a location for the sky.

I look forward to seeing your sky!

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